Corporate Values

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Discipline is key, it’s what makes or breaks in our business. We see to it that we finish what we start; and this requires discipline to act against our hard-wired instincts; fear and greed.


Agility is a collection of many traits, it requires us to be lean, efficient and adaptable to change. We find and execute ideas promptly and course correct when needed.


The state of Evolvement is to develop from a simple form by a process of evolution to a greater state. At Rasameel, we believe staying on top of changes.

Meaningful Relationships

We are in the people business. Building Meaningful relationships are what make us wake up every morning excited about what we do. It is what drives us to deliver beyond our promise. We aim to connect with out clients, team, and partners in meaningful ways. Being around our people is our driving force.


It takes courage to manage other people’s money. It takes courage to stand up for what we believe in. It takes courage to take responsibility, to admit failure, to learn and move on.