Hydrogen market update

Dec 22, 2020


Hydrogen: We see many disruptions and opportunities across the #energy value chain

#Hydrogen has long been shunned as a potential source of renewable energy. Despite hydrogen being the most abundant element in the world, the process of extracting, storing, and transporting hydrogen have proven to be relatively expensive. The major development is that costs have come down thanks to advancements in technology.

With Europe and Asia leading the way in hydrogen technologies, the most suitable application seems to be in the Industrial and manufacturing sectors. Hydrogen is already being used in warehouse forklifts, and airport safety vehicles. From fertilizer manufacturers, to automakers, and energy distributors; the opportunity in hydrogen may present a new addressable market

Hydrogen technologies can provide efficient and clean energy when combined with renewables such as solar and wind. Where excess #solar and #wind generation can be used in the process of extracting and storing hydrogen to be able to provide energy when solar and wind cannot.


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